Terms of Service

To use the Impreza plans/services you must read and agree to our Terms of Service:

These Terms of Service do not apply to services on the Tor Network

  • Account activation / e-mail used for registration

Your account will be activated after the effective confirmation of receipt of payment for the service (s) contracted. This confirmation will be obtained from the financial institution responsible for processing the transaction and validated upon proof of legitimacy. In the act of contracting the service, the customer must register an email not belonging to one of the domains that will host in his plan. This email will be used for communication between Impreza and the customer, so it is the responsibility of the customer to keep their records up to date. Providing false identification information will result in the termination of your account.

For any type of contract made with credit card, you may be asked to send information that proves the legitimacy of the purchase. If this request is not met, the request may be considered fraudulent and, consequently, denied.

Important: Some customers who use Microsoft e-mail systems (hotmail.com, msn.com, etc) have noticed that emails sent automatically by our system are mistakenly diverted to the “Junk E-mail” folder. If you use one of these email providers, be sure to add Impreza addresses to your “Trusted Senders” list.

    • 1.1 Migration of accounts

Impreza undertakes to attempt to migrate its hosted account to another server as long as it is accounts using the cPanel administrative panel and there are no restrictions on Full Backup options. This will carry out a complete transfer of your plan, and all information in your account will be preserved: files, databases, emails, passwords, etc. After you migrate your account, minor adjustments may be necessary, since small configuration particularities may differ between hosting companies. Our transfer team will make every effort to successfully transfer your account, but we can not estimate the time required for each transfer, as several factors influence this activity.

In order to formalize the migration request for your account you will need to ask our technical support team, so we will request the data from the old provider and follow the migration.

For the perfect evolution of the migration, it is of fundamental importance the total availability and accessibility to the data and systems in the host of origin. If this does not happen, it is the responsibility of the client to intermediate the migration data with the old host.

It is the responsibility of the client to change the DNS after the migration is completed, in case the client does not make this change, the remigration will be subject to fees.

  • Content

No auction and game sites are allowed on shared servers and VPS.

All services offered by Impreza are for legal purposes. The customer agrees to exempt Impreza from any liability for the improper use of its services. The use of our services is expressly prohibited in a way that may violate trademark and patent registrations and / or infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights. This includes, but is not limited to, the unauthorized disclosure and distribution of music, videos, books, photographs, or any other material protected by law. The trade / disclosure of any illicit product will result in immediate cancellation of your account.
If you believe that your copyrights and / or trademarks are being infringed by services contracted with us, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with all pertinent information. The list of required information can be found in our Copyright Policy.

  • Examples of unacceptable materials in shared plans (Hosting and Reseller plans):
    IRC bots, web-proxy and / or anonymous browser scripts, unlicensed programs, websites and forums that distribute or disseminate cracks / cheats / warez, executable files (* .exe, * .com, * .msi, etc) and disk images (* .img, * .iso, * .nrg, * .bin, etc), mirrors, data repository, exclusive banner ad services Affiliation servers, topsites scripts, escrow, HYIP / PIAR (High-Yield Interest Programs) and the like, investment sites such as Forex and e-Gold Exchange, AutoSurf, fraudulent programs (Bank Debenture Trading Programs, Prime Banks Programs, etc.), lottery sites, MUD / RPG, sites that encourage racism / hate / fanaticism, websites related to hackerism, Malicious scripts (such as “IP scanner”, password discovery / brute-force attacks, bulk e-mails), sites that host / disclose any type of malware (virtual plagues), and any type of site that promotes / discloses illegal activities. A shared account can not be used as a backup / storage device (with the exception of 1 Backup your own cPanel account). Likewise, it is not allowed to make downloadable files available.
  • Examples of unacceptable materials in Dedicated Server plans:
    Unlicensed (pirated) programs, websites and forums that distribute or disseminate cracks / cheats / warez, escrow, HYIP / PIAR (High-Yield Interest Programs), and related websites Of investments such as Forex and e-Gold Exchange, trade in any product / merchandise without proper ownership or explicit permission, AutoSurf / PTC / PTS / PPC sites, fraudulent programs (Bank Debenture Trading Programs, Prime Banks Programs, etc.), lottery sites, websites that encourage racism / hate / fanaticism, websites related to “hackerism”, malicious scripts (such as IP scanner, password / brute force force attacks, Mails), sites that host / disclose any type of malware (virtual plagues), and any type of site that promotes / discloses illegal activities.

We reserve the right to refuse the provision of service or availability of resources to any individual. Any material that we deem to be obscene, illegal or otherwise in violation of these terms of service will be removed from our servers with or without notice. There is a maximum tolerance of 48 hours for the customer to respond to any e-mail that is sent through our ticket system. Failure to respond to an email sent by the complaints department ([email protected]) within 48 hours may result in the suspension or termination of your account. All matters related to complaints should be dealt with via ticket / e-mail.

If you are not completely sure about the legality of hosting your sites / services with us, please contact us at [email protected], describing the functionalities of your activity and indicating decisive points that may or may not generate doubts about The acceptance of it. We would be very pleased to serve you.

The sexual exploitation of minors is expressly prohibited, including – but not limited to – child pornography, total or partial nudity of children and adolescents, pedophilia and the like. Any account that uses our services to disclose / host materials with this type of content will be immediately suspended without notice and brought to the attention of the competent authorities.

Note to resellers: If one of your accounts shows this type of violation, we will suspend it and notify you to close it yourself. In addition, we will monitor the other accounts, and in case there is a new violation of this kind in your resale, your main account may be canceled.

It is expressly forbidden to host any type of pyramid type content. As well as TelexFree, BBOM etc.

It is the customer’s absolute responsibility to ensure that the scripts / programs installed in your account are secure and that the permissions of your folders / directories are set correctly (regardless of the installation method used). Folders / directories must be configured with 755 (or more restrictive) permission. Files must be configured with 644 (or more restrictive) permission. The customer is solely responsible for all actions arising from the use of your account, and this includes preserving the security of your system access credentials (login / password). It is critical that customers always use secure passwords. If an insecure password is detected, your account can be suspended until you set a new password (long, complex, and difficult to deduct).

Periodic audits can be performed on our servers to prevent unsafe passwords from being used. If an audit points out an insecure password in your account, we will send you a notification with a maximum deadline to change it.

We recommend always using long passwords (at least 12 characters long), alternating between uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Click here to generate random passwords.

Learn how to set up a strong password by clicking here.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy Against SPAM

Impreza defends, supports and enforces the ZERO TOLERANCE policy against sending bulk emails, unsolicited messages (be they of any kind and for any purpose) and SPAM. Mechanisms of Safelists will be considered and treated as SPAM. Any account that is used to send SPAM will terminate with or without notice.

Sites that advertise and advertise through SPAM (Spamvertised) can not be hosted on our servers. This standard includes – but is not limited to – SPAM sent via fax, email, instant messaging or Usenet / Newsgroups. No organization or entity listed by ROKSO may make use of our services. Any account that causes one of the IPs of our servers to be inserted into a blacklist will be immediately suspended and / or terminated.

Impreza reserves the right to request changes to (or deactivate, if necessary) any website, account, database or other component that does not comply with the established policies. We reserve the right to make emergency modifications based on sound criteria.

  • Payment Information

The client must agree to make the payment in advance for the services contracted, during the whole term of the plan. You must also agree to the automatic renewal of the plan for a period equal to the last contracted cycle. In order for automatic renewal NOT to occur, you will need to express your explicit willingness to cancel the contracted service.

Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the end date of the contract through the customer area. Completion and submission of the request made through this site assures Impreza the right to immediately delete the accounts relating to the canceled plan. This operation is irreversible, so the client should only request the cancellation of his account after the necessary backups have been made.

In case of renewals of domains made with credit card, if you do not want to renew them, there is a need for manifestation. Otherwise they will be automatically renewed as payment made.

It is your responsibility to keep up with all your payment commitments, as well as sending the information that identifies you (when payment is made by methods that require proof such as deposit / bank transfer).

Accounts that are more than 1 day late (compared to the invoice’s original due date) will be automatically suspended. After discharge of the debts the account will be reactivated in up to 1 business day (upon proof of payment).

In all plans offered by our company, any pending payment for additional services will result in the general suspension of the plan.

Accounts suspended for financial default will be entitled to backup if they are reactivated for payment. The client has the entire duration of the plan to request the backup at any time from the moment the account is suspended, you must reactivate the account.

Accounts suspended for financial default for more than 15 days will be removed from the server automatically, and the customer will not be able to request their backup, even after payment.

Impreza reserves the right at any time to change the values of the announced plans in accordance with market trends.

  • Backups

Impreza is NOT responsible for files and / or other data stored in your account. The plan does not give you any guarantee of recovery of lost information arising from any eventualities: use it at your own risk. The customer must agree to take full responsibility for the files contained in our servers, as well as keep their own backups off the server.

Impreza maintains a weekly (weekend) backup routine of plans hosted on shared servers. Enter into this routine accounts up to 20GB of data and have up to 100,000 nodes (files, folders, emails, etc.). The contents of the backup are overwritten each weekend.

In case the client needs to restore any backup, we charge a fee of $15.00 for this procedure. This procedure is not guaranteed, the client must agree to keep their own backup in a safe place.

Currently our company offers online backup services in separate plans for these purposes.

The client is not informed of success or failure of the backup routine. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the account within the pre-set backup standards if you need this feature. If you have any questions about this please send an email to our support asking if your account is included in the backup routine.

Impreza does NOT perform any type of backup of dedicated or semi-dedicated servers. This activity is the responsibility of the customer.

We disable direct backup generation by cPanel for accounts over 4GB to prevent misuse of the tool and consequently undue CPU misuse. However, the customer can request their backup through the support ticket. Just get in touch with our team that generated the backup without problems.

  • Cancellation and refund

Customers can request the cancellation of an account at any time using their customer area. The refund is proportional to the time the product / service will not be used.

    • 6.1 Method of receipt

When requesting a refund you can select the method of receipt. The amount can be added as credit on your Financial Dashboard, or you can receive a refund of the amount.

    • 6.2 Products and Services not included

There will be no refund for Dedicated Servers, SiteLock, Domain Registration, support, stand-alone services, installation and administrative fees. When contracting one of these products or services, the client claims to be aware and in accordance with this clause.

    • 6.3 Money Back Guarantee

For some plans (see item ‘a’ below), Impreza offers the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. The policy guarantees the refund of the amount paid if the customer is not satisfied with the services of Impreza in the first 30 days after the initial hiring. In these cases, the cancellation and refund request must also be made in the customer area. Here are the rules that define the Money Back Policy:

a) Eligible Plans: The Money Back Policy is valid for shared hosting plans for Linux or Windows Sites, reseller linux or Windows hosting, Premium Site, Premium Virtual Store, Impress.ly and CodeGuard.

b) Ineligible plan and services: The Money Back Guarantee does not apply to renewals and changes (upgrade / downgrade) to other plans. The warranty also does not apply to Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Audio Streaming Plans, any administrative fees, installation fees, and configuration of other software or services, as well as does not apply to any additional service such as SiteLock, Google Apps, and Domain Registration, for example. By contracting one of the above plans, the client claims to be aware and in accordance with this clause.

c) Other information: Once an account has been canceled and by using the Money Back Guarantee, the same guarantee can not be applied to future requests or contracts made by the same client. Accounts suspended or terminated for violating the terms of the Terms of Service will not be entitled to the Money Back Guarantee.

    • 6.4 Additional Conditions

Accounts that violate the Impreza Terms of Service or that violate the laws of England, North America, or countries in which the suppliers are located may be canceled at any time without reimbursement. Impreza reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account in case of a disrespectful attitude towards team members.

  • Use of resources

Shared server users can NOT:

a) Use 25% or more of the processing resources, memory, disk usage, Internet link, etc. Server for periods equal to or greater than 90 seconds. There are a number of causes for an account to display such bad behavior, such as: very popular sites with large number of concurrent accesses, content management system plugins, poorly developed scripts, CGI scripts, FTP overuse activities, PHP, HTTP, databases, etc;

b) Run stand-alone applications on the server. This includes any and all kind of daemon, such as IRCd;

c) Run on shared servers any type of web-spyder or crawler (including Google Cash / AdSpy);

d) Run any application that interacts with IRC networks (Internet Relay Chat);

e) Run any bit torrent application, tracker and the like. It is allowed to use legalized torrents links, but it is not allowed to host them (store them) on our shared servers;

f) Participate in any file-sharing or peer-to-peer (p2p) activity;

g) Run any kind of game server, for example Counter-Strike, Half-Life, BattleField1942, etc;

h) Host any types of executable programs (extension .exe, .com, .bat, etc) that may be or be contaminated by viruses;

i) Schedule tasks (cron jobs) with intervals of less than 15 minutes;

j) Websites or any other applications with behaviors (whatever) that are incompatible with shared environment may be suspended and invited to migrate to a dedicated environment.

k) INODES – The use of more than 250,000 inodes in any shared account may result in suspension. Accounts that have more than 100,000 inodes are automatically removed from the backup system to avoid overloading on that system. Every file (an internet page, an image, a document, an email, etc.) counts as 01 inode. Sites that exceed the use of light inodes are not suspended, however, accounts that constantly create and delete a large number of files regularly, have hundreds of thousands of files, or cause damage to file systems can be marked for analysis or suspended if they are causing damage Greater. The main cause of excessive inode usage is catchall enabled without inbox monitoring and deletion of unwanted emails. Over time tens of thousands of messages or more are stored causing the account to go beyond the limit of possible inodes. To disable your catch all enter in the cpanel, look for “Mail”, “Address by default”, “set address by default” and type: “: fail: There is no user”.

Caution: When using PHP’s “include” function, pass the location of the file on the local file system as a parameter instead of passing a URL. Instead of using include (“http://yourdomain.com/admin/include.php”) use include (“./admin/include.php”)

l) It is inadmissible to host any type of phishing files on our servers, both shared and dedicated servers. Any such practices identified, we will automatically remove the account from our servers and the plan will be canceled, and we will not be entitled to any refund.

m) You may not use shared hosting as a disk for backup storage and / or automatic backup of any type of software for the purpose of keeping the plan active for storing files and / or allowing them to be made available for download, for the permitted use of Regular backups you have other hiring options like Cloud Backup or Dedicated Servers. Shared hosting or reseller hosting can not be used for file backup purposes.

  • Traffic usage (bandwidth)

Each plan gives the right to use a certain volume of monthly traffic (this volume varies according to the contracted plan).

The use of this traffic limit should also be distributed within the month. Your account must end the month without exceeding this limit, otherwise it will be suspended until the next month or more traffic resources are acquired or your account is migrated to a plan that offers more resources.

Bandwidth is non-cumulative feature: unused traffic within the month can not be transferred to the following month.

  • Availability guarantees (uptime)

If your shared or reseller hosting account becomes unavailable due to technical / physical issues that are not covered by the uptime 99.9% warranty, you may be entitled to credits for the following month.

The loan will be approved by Impreza and will depend on the justifications and evidence provided. Third-party monitoring tools may not be accepted as supporting documentation for a number of factors, such as the capability and availability of the tool. Server uptime is considered according to the information provided by the operating system itself and the services provided (webserver, e-mail, etc.).

To request a credit evaluation, please send an email to [email protected] informing your main domain and the downtime observed. All contact regarding this subject must be done through e-mail.

Availability Discount
99,8% to 99,0% 5%
98,9% to 95,0% 10%
94,9% to 90,0% 20%
Below 89.9% 30%

This warranty applies to shared servers (hosting and reseller accounts). Dedicated servers are covered by the network availability guarantee, which is unrelated to the uptime guarantee of the Shared Hosting and Reseller plans.

Technical issues related to hosting services such as software defects are not included in the uptime guarantee for dedicated servers.

  • Resellers: Customer Responsibility

Resellers are responsible for providing support to their own customers: Impreza will NOT provide direct support to customers of our reseller customers. Impreza reserves the right to refuse any request for support made by the end customers of resellers: every request for assistance must be made by the reseller himself and he is then responsible for passing the solution to his client.

Resellers are responsible for the content stored or transmitted by their account and also by the account of their clients. Impreza has no contractual relationship with any of the end customers of resellers, and the reseller undertakes to take responsibility for the action of any of its customers. Accounts that violate our terms of service must be suspended / canceled by the reseller until they comply.

Impreza reserves the right, with or without prior notice, to take appropriate action (and include suspension and termination) with respect to customer accounts of our resellers who are in disagreement with our terms of service.

  • Dedicated Servers

Your server will be installed, configured, and delivered in 24 to 72 business hours after payment confirmation. If our team requests some documentation from the client, this term is counted from the date of receipt of the necessary documentation.

Impreza will not, under any circumstances, administer auction site servers. If the customer chooses to purchase a server for this purpose, we will offer only the hardware without any support.

Impreza reserves the right to perform audits on dedicated servers as needed and to perform any administrative tasks requested by the datacenter, such as reboots, suspension of accounts in disagreement with the terms of service, removal of malicious files, Deactivation of fraudulent sites (pishing), or any other activity that compromises the security of the server, network or other systems / individuals.

Impreza undertakes to deliver to the client the server configured with absolutely secure passwords. The customer in turn must commit to maintaining the complexity standard adopted by Impreza and informing it of changes to the server’s access passwords so that due audits and support services can be performed. Impreza reserves the right to change the administrative (superuser) account passwords of dedicated servers whenever they are different from those provided by the client. The customer is responsible for providing updated information on the passwords of the server to Impreza, thus avoiding unavailability of the services due to procedures that we have to perform to reset the password. During the engagement of the plan, it is the responsibility of the client to provide a valid and accessible email, not belonging to one of the domains that will host with us. In case of need to contact the customer, Impreza will use this address.

Impreza does NOT back up dedicated servers. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain their own backup or to find a solution for this. The customer can purchase with us an additional hard disk (HD) for the purpose of maintaining a simple backup, although it is not the ideal solution. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to purchase an extra hard drive. It is the client’s responsibility to configure any backup routine on the dedicated server.

It is not allowed to change a plan from a Dedicated Server to a VPS as a downgrade. VPS plans are incompatible because their specifications are much lower than any Dedicated Server plan. Therefore it is not possible to migrate from a Dedicated Server to a shared one (VPS, Reseller and other Plans).

A suspended dedicated server is automatically canceled within 15 calendar days in case of non-renewal. In case of cancellation there is no way to recover the files.

We guarantee that the network will be available in 99.9% of the time. Failure to do so will result in a refund proportional to your downtime. The uptime guarantee for dedicated servers is restricted to network availability, which does not include other technical issues related to servers and their software.

  • VPS Servers

    A suspended VPS server is automatically canceled within 15 calendar days in case of non-renewal. In case of cancellation there is no way to recover the files.

      • Resource Usage
        VPS accounts are not allowed: A) auction sites and games sites are not allowed B) exceed processing resources in amounts greater than 2 (two) times the total number of processing cores provided, for a period of more than 15 minutes. C) execute public IRC servers or malicious bots. D) run any type of BitTorrent client or tracker that links to or downloads illegal content. E) use open / public proxy server, or use a proxy server to access illegal or malicious content. F) use heavy-duty I / O applications that adversely affect normal server operations.
      • Inodes
        VPS accounts are delivered with the default limit of 1,000,000 inodes to better protect the file system. The limit can be raised to up to 2,000,000 inodes if a legitimate reason is presented. To request the change, please contact our support team.
      • Email Policy
        VPS Account email policies will be the same as those applied to other plans and can be found in Email Policies.

    Backups and Data Loss
    Impreza is NOT responsible for files and / or other data stored in your account. The plan does not give you any guarantee of recovery of lost information arising from any eventualities: use it at your own risk. The customer agrees to assume full responsibility for the files contained in our servers, as well as to keep their own backups off the server. Impreza maintains a weekly backup routine. The contents of the backup are overwritten each weekend. This is a courtesy and there are no guarantees whatsoever: the customer must agree to keep his own backup in a safe place. Backups will not be made for accounts that have been suspended or canceled for any reason, unless previously agreed in writing by Impreza.

    Impreza reserves the right to perform audits on VPS servers as needed, as well as to perform any administrative tasks requested by the datacenter, such as reboots, suspension of accounts in disagreement with the terms of service, removal of malicious files, Deactivation of fraudulent sites (pishing), or any other activity that compromises the security of the server, network or other systems / individuals.

  • Indemnity

The client must agree to exempt Impreza from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, gains and expenses (including fees of causes against Impreza, its agents, customers, offices and employees) arising out of or resulting from any services rendered or performed (Or scheduled for execution) or any product marketed by the customer, its agents, employees or partners.

The customer must agree to exempt Impreza from any and all liability arising from:

A) any damage to the person or property resulting from the marketing of products and / or services disclosed or distributed through the contracted plans;

B) any material disclosed / distributed by the customer that may violate national and / or international laws, including copyright laws and intellectual property;

C) Copyright infringement;

D) any defective product / service marketed through the plans hosted on our servers;

The customer is solely responsible for responding to the actions arising from the improper use of the contracted plan.

  • Third Party Application Support

Impreza does not support third-party applications, whether in any situation, platform or programming language (ASP, PHP, .NET, Javascript and etc).

  • Other liabilities

Impreza is not responsible for any damages that your company / business may suffer. Impreza makes no warranty, implied or express, regarding the services it provides. Impreza does not guarantee any type of marketing guarantee (or suitability) for any purpose. This includes loss of data due to delays, non-deliveries, mistaken deliveries and any and all interruptions to the services caused by Impreza and / or its employees.

  • Secrecy breach for law enforcement

Impreza may provide all data of any customer to the competent authorities so that they can take the appropriate measures in accordance with the legislation in force. The information about the customer’s data can be passed on the request of competent bodies, without the client being aware or being notified. Impreza has an absolute interest in helping to ensure that laws are always properly enforced.

  • Changes to terms of service

Impreza reserves the right to revise its service policies at any time, with or without notice.

  • Of the attribution of Dedicated IPs and their uses

    Due to the global shortage of IP addresses (IPv4), only dedicated IPs will be assigned to the accounts that are proven to require an SSL certificate (virtual stores and the like). Impreza reserves the right to deny any assignment of a dedicated IP address if it considers the justification for its use insufficient.

    Impreza reserves the right to revise its service policies at any time, with or without notice.